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Preservation of Heritage Sites

Heritage is our legacy from the past, to be preserved and passed to future generations. Our culture and monumental heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration.

DS Group has been involved in the restoring of many monuments, temples and other important historic landmarks in North East.

Development work at Maa Kamakhya Temple has been undertaken by the company to promote it as a heritage site. Construction of dome over Ganesh Mandir at the entrance of the holy pond, with marble work and architecture akin to the main temple, construction of Sheetalamai Mandir, reconstruction of wall around the holy pond, air circulator in the main temple area and installation of filteration unit are details of some contributions that the company has made towards restoring and sprucing the temple complex.

The company has also  constructed a museum to provide a place for the preservation & safety of the precious stone statues of great historic significance that are lying scattered in the temple premises.

The company has developed the “Kanai Barasi Bowa Sil” in 2005 which is located in the northern part of the mighty river Brahmaputra. During the medieval period, it had witnessed momentous event of the history which greatly influenced the course of events in those days. Three stone inscriptions at this site recall these great events when Assamese forces defeated invading armies.

The company also supported to install a victory pillar, Battle of Saraighat Plaque, North Brook Gate at Sukreshwar Park at Guwahati in 2003.