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The DS Group ventured into Hydroponics business in 2015. Hydroponics, a subset of hydro-culture, is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water. Plants are grown with their roots in a highly-absorbent inert medium such as perlite, rockwool and cocopeat as a seed base instead of soil. Totally pesticide free, this methodology is a step ahead of organic farming as it negates the effects of harmful chemicals that may be present in the soil or ground water, thus giving the healthiest produce all year round.

The other advantages of this type of farming are, 96% of the harvest is high-quality with consistent fruit size, weight, shape and taste round the year. This method is eco friendly and uses 90% less water than normal farming and the recycled coconut husk is also utilized as cocopeat substrate, etc.

Flowers like Jasmine and Rose for captive use are being cultivated by using this innovative method of farming. The company has also employed this technology to grow a variety of fruits & vegetables.

Nature’s Miracle

One of the first fully automated hydroponic glass green house in India, has been set up in collaboration by bringing together the best minds from India and hydroponic technology experts from the Netherlands to grow high-quality, healthy and tasty fruits and vegetables, natural way, under the brand - Nature's Miracle – India's latest brand of farm fresh fruits and vegetables. The brand promises a taste of health and happiness in every bite.

The fully automated greenhouse at NCR, has the latest and most advanced technology to create an ideal growing environment for the respective crops by controlling the optimal temperature, humidity, EC/PH, timing for irrigation and many more parameters. This is essential for practicing precision hydroponics, where each crop gets the ideal climatic conditions and nutrition for healthiest crop.

An international pest control protocol is followed in the enclosed greenhouse with primary reliance on integrated biological pest control measures to keep the crop safe.

Nature’s Miracle branded fruits & vegetables are available at premium outlets and offer a range of fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables like Snack Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Snack Pepper etc.

For more information, please log on to www.naturesmiracle.in