The Group actively employs locals from the region across different levels and aims to generate employment through various secondary & tertiary operations.

To preserve rich tribal heritage of the North East regions the ethnic tribes are encouraged to be self reliant and financially independent in the regions they belong to. Various options of livelihood are offered to them to preserve the cultural diversity.

“Singpho Eco Lodge” was constructed by the Singpho community with the assistance from DS Group in Inthong village, Magherita. The lodge is independently managed and run by this tribal community and has many Indian and foreign guests enjoy the traditional tribal culture and hospitality. This project was undertaken by DS Group to generate employment for the Singpho tribal community to make them self reliant and financially independent.

DS Group rolled out a programme to train the unskilled or semi skilled rubber tappers of Tripura. The basic objective of this initiative is to train tappers in scientific latex extraction to increase the rubber yield and minimize the damage to the rubber plant by teaching them precision in tapping. The curriculum also highlight the method of tapping rubber in monsoon season and protection of plants from fungal infections in rains by conducting theoretical and practical training programs with the help of the Rubber Board, TFDPC and TRTC.

A total of 13 training program were organized in which, approximately 315 unskilled and semi skilled rubber tappers have been trained. The program is being implementing in partnership with DISHARI – a Tripura based NGO.