School Education

The company through its charitable arm, DS Charitable manages 2 educational institutions, Anglo Sanskrit Victoria Jubilee Senior Secondary School and the Commercial School, Daryaganj, in their academic endeavors. These schools have a place of pride in the academic circles of Delhi, since 1869 and inspire quality education and values. The school’s superior curriculum produces scholars and professionals of high quality & morale.

These schools are providing education to the needy section of the society including minority communities of old Delhi.

Creative Adda – Out of the Box Classes
Creative Adda – Out of the box classes is an after-school youth leadership and skills development program to nurture and develop the inner motivation/self-initiative, social skills, emotional well-being, and self-confidence of the students. The program is being implemented in the Commercial Senior Secondary School and Anglo Sanskrit Victoria Jubilee Senior Secondary School Darya Ganj, Delhi.

The program aims to provide an alternate platform to the academically slow learners in present education system. It focuses on the key strengths and passions of each student - instead of just hammering them to study for which they have little aptitude or interest. This allows the students to excel at their passion, which in turn acts as a source of motivation in other aspects of the their life. The program provides an enabling environment for these students to build practical skills, entrepreneurship and volunteerism attitude and values for the real world.

Youth Development & Action Initiative
Youth Development & Action initiative aims to equip adolescents & youth with the skills to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of their own life. Under this program, Youth & Adolescents are trained in various life skills such as communication, dealing with stress, problem solving, creative thinking, decision making & interpersonal relations. The Adolescents are given education in more mature topics such as physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuses and how to deal with it.

The program helps them to develop supportive & healthy relationship with their parents, the community members and their friends to ensure a strong support system. A total of 150 participants are associated with the program in Noida.

Peer leaders have been identified from these during the course of implementation of the program to act as Change Agents and Role Models within their own community. Leadership training programs have been organized for these peer leaders to improve their effectiveness.