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Disaster Responsiveness

“Disaster Relief” forms an integral part of the corporate social responsibility activities of the Company. It has been a constant endeavor to extend help to the victims affected by natural calamities.

Recently, the company in partnership with Love Care Foundation has constructed hutments for 121 families of Saddal-Panjal village of Jammu & Kashmir. A total of 56 hutments were constructed for survivors to help them keep warm and covered during the winter season, as they lost their houses and other belongings to the deadly and destructive floods. The Company also contributed 5000 blankets and 3,00,000 water purification tablets through Corporate Disaster Resource Network (CDRN),a nodal body under National Disaster Management Authority in Jammu & Kashmir.

Earlier, The Company contributed relief material towards the rehabilitation work in the flood-ravaged Uttarakhand. The company donated blankets; mosquito nets and many Daily need items to the Aidmatrix Foundation, created under the Corporate Task Force of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), and through the Army Supply chain and GOONJ.

Following the devastation caused by the heavy cloudburst at Leh in August 2010, the company had contributed tents and blankets towards the disaster relief campaign facilitated by the Corporate Disaster Resource Network (CDRN).

The Company has donated money to Chief Minister Tsunami Relief fund and organized relief camps at the disaster hit villages of Nagapattanam and Karaikal areas of Tamil Nadu and supported more than 1000 families for rehabilitation in past.