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Catch Beverages

'Catch Natural Spring Water’ marked the company’s debut in the beverage arena. Melting from the icy glaciers, this pristine water is filtered over years through layers of mountain rock, imbibing a variety of natural minerals beneficial for health. This water is then bottled at our state-of-the-art facility, retaining its natural composition.

‘Catch’ is the only bottled water in India which has been tested and certified to comply with Food & Drug Administration (US) Code of Federal Regulations by NSF International-USA.

The health and lifestyle beverages are made from natural spring water. ‘Catch’ Clear is the perfect combination of sparkling spring water and natural fruit flavour to give a sharp, crisp and clear drink that is low in calories and high on taste. Available in Lemon n Lime, Peach and Black Currant, this is a diet drink with a touch of class. The ‘Catch Spring range’ is healthier alternative to the standard orange, lemon and cola drinks. ‘Catch Club Soda’ is made with a carefully calibrated carbonation process combined with the pristine freshness of water to add a strong edge to the drink. ‘Catch Indian Tonic’ Water, is manufactured to exacting international standards that gives a perfect flavour for direct consumption or as an accompaniment to white spirits. It can also be consumed straight. ‘Catch Ginger Ale’ is a unique beverage better known as the “Champagne of soft beverages” that can be consumed chilled on the rocks or concocted with your favourite dark spirit.