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Priyanka Chopra Takes Us On A Kindness Journey, One Step At A Time
www.popxo.com, 14 December, 2017

Goodness always takes you places. We are always happy to see people who are humble in life and who make us believe in humanity even in this cruel world today. My mother always told me to be humble no matter where I reach in life because it’s what you give to people that makes you a great human being. Not all the materialistic things in the world! And no matter where you go, you will always reach great success if you give love. And honestly, it costs nothing!

Just the other day, I came across this video on the internet. It has been awhile since I’ve come across a video like this. Ever heard of stillomatic videos? They are basically videos where just one character is moving and the rest of them are static. It just makes for a better representation of the story. While I was at it, there was one scene that made me stop and think. It was at 31 seconds where a waiter saves a woman from hurting from a pot that is falling on her head. This is a normal form of kindness right? However, this waiter leaves his services to save her. It is one of the most selfless forms of kindness. This, and many more things in the world, makes it a kinder place. Dil bada, tu bada just as they rightly say!

Watch this video to know what I mean