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DS Group launches Pulse Pineapple flavor to extend its popular Pass Pass Pulse range
www.fnbnews.com, New Delhi, 15 November, 2017

Our Bureau, New Delhi

DS Group has launched Pulse Pineapple, expanding its confectionery basket. Pass Pass Pulse, whose existing range comprises Kaccha Aam, Guava and Orange, is already a leader in the hard-boiled candy segment. Pineapple, both as a fruit and as a flavour, is enjoyed across all age groups.

The new candy, which will be available in a pillow pack at the cost of Re 1, is expected to provide an experience to its consumers that will begin with the pineapple flavour and peak with the tangy powder filling at the centre.

Shashank Surana, vice-president, new product development, DS Group, said, “DS Group has always endeavoured to delight its consumers and create excitement in the category with new and innovative offerings.”

“Since, the candy’s launch in 2015 with the Kaccha Aam flavour, we have been coming up with new popular and niche flavours. After Guava and Orange, Pulse Pineapple is the latest variant in the Pulse candy basket, and we anticipate a good response from our consumers,” he added.

The organised hard-boiled candy market in India is estimated to be worth Rs 2,650 crore, and Pulse is the market leader with a market share of 12 to 13 per cent. Apart from India, the company has also started distributing Pulse to countries such as the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and those in South-east Asia. Pulse Pineapple has received an encouraging response to the test marketing undertaken in key cities of the country in the last few months.

The candy is being launched pan-India, leveraging on DS Group’s distribution network to reach out to the target group. Its launch will be supported with activities like point-of-sale marketing (POSM) and market sampling activities.

DS Group entered the confectionery business in 2012 with the launch of Pass Pass Chingles, a brand of mini chewing gums.

One of the company’s leading brands, Pass Pass was repositioned to encompass a broader portfolio of pioneering products in the confectionery business.

From traditional after-mints to the fun-filled Chingles, DS confections offer the choicest innovative flavours in mint, cola and tutti-frutti flavours.