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Taking the spice route
www.hindustantimes.com, 25 September, 2017

Catch Salts & Spices, India’s leading spice maker, is scouting for age-old secret recipes to make the culinary world more exciting

More and more Indians are experimenting with new cuisines, thanks to the internet. It is this trend that Catch Salts & Spices, India’s leading spice maker, has identified. Catch is also rediscovering age-old secret recipes of Rajwadas, Gharanas and Khansamaas to collect a treasure chest of epic recipes to make the culinary world more exciting.

The brand has been on the vanguard of the Indian spices market, adapting tradition and bringing innovation at every step. Established in 1987, it enjoys a pivotal place in Indian kitchens.

Their spice route is sprinkled with many milestones – an exhaustive range of aromatic spices, a world of exotic blends, a collection of popular regional blends, and a range of sprinklers to transform everyday dishes into real show stoppers. Not just spices, the brand has also excelled in designing new packaging for its products, which is attractive, modern, and convenient.

Catch Salts & Spices’ never-ending quest for quality ensures that the raw ingredients are procured directly from the source with uncompromising standards. The low temperature grinding and no-fillers policy guarantee that the flavours and aromas of the spices remain intact, giving them the high potency needed to create delectable cuisines. Today, it has a massive repertoire of spices, which are delighting taste buds in India as well as abroad. With nation-wide and overseas presence, Catch Salts & Spices is also making its range available on e-commerce websites.

Spreading joy through good food is at the root of every culture and custom. Catch is and will always be devoted to the tradition of Indian culinary excellence, which enables homes and families to spread the happiness.