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Knock! Knock!
The Hans India, 17 April, 2017

On a highly competitive turf, where brands are going all out to get the biggest share in the industry, here is how smart brands choose to create a market for themselves, and rule the turf!

Right from its inception, DS Group’s raw mango flavoured candy ‘Pass Pass Pulse’ took over the Indian market by storm. The candy has tantalised the taste buds of all age groups, with its unique formula of combined flavours. The brand has recently launched its third flavour – orange – with the first two being “Kacha Aam” and “Guava”. And after pleasing Indians with the amazing candy experience, the brand has launched its first television commercial.

In the TVC, Pulse summarises the extent to which someone would go to keep their Pulse candy safe, hidden from others. Aptly titled ‘Pran jaye par Pulse na jaaye’, the campaign produced by J Walter Thompson shows how a group of friends enact a fake fire in front of their friend who is sleeping.

Tensed about his much-treasured Pulse candies, the panicked boy runs to save his life and the stash of Pulse candies that he had hidden at various places in the house (TV remote, DVD drive, trumpet, and other weird places). And as he comes out of the room with the stash of candies, he sees his friends, staring at the candies for which they had played the prank.

That is how far one would go for the tangy favoured Pulse candy – point put across sharply. Targeted to the youth, who comprise for majority of the brand’s target group, the TVC goes with the brand’s positioning of touching the pulse with friendship.

Pulse so far has been one of those young brands that created a monopoly in the market with minimum advertising. What lead to the success of the brand is its strong positioning and connect with the target group, which lead to meticulous word-of-mouth. And for those who think that word-of-mouth is not so effective (individually) in today’s market, shall consider going back and trying a Pulse candy.

And while this ad, grabbed our attention, there was also an intriguing murder case that left us spellbound. Yes, the murder of something we all have been enjoying since ages; it is the murder of pizza.

In its latest addition to the menu, KFC has added Chilli Chizza to its Chizza range; a pizza with just chicken, no base – just like we all ever imagined. The way KFC is positioning Chilli Chizza will leave you awestruck. In the film, Sudesh Berry is a police officer, who reaches a Pizza death site, investigating the possible reasons and suspects behind it.

First KFC pegs on the thing we most hate about pizzas – the crust – then it comes with a new dish that eliminates the crust and is ‘all things great’. And, then? Then it bakes a story around it, tops it with humour, and it serves it hot and spicy – without any crust (nonsense) – just the way we like it. And it ends the quirky narrative with an apology to pizza – ‘Sorry Pizza’!